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Perfume Addicts and Stinky Aficionados
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I know I haven't tested/posted in a while, but I was gathering some scents to contribute to a Flipside project today and decided that I was getting lax in my stinky-love.

So, I tested Talisman.

First impression - very cologne-y. Like something you'd find on a drugstore counter and not particularly pleasant.

About 15 minutes later - Not too bad, but not really my style. Something smooth underneath (the beeswax?) holding together a decent floral with some sweet fruit accents. A little bit of nutmeg maybe in there with some vanilla. This is definitely a feminine fragrance and I think probably a good summer/spring scent if you like the type.

I've read that the lasting power is LONG with this one, so I guess I'll be smelling like it for a while, especially as my decant kind of spilled all over my right arm.

I'll definitely have to grab another shower before heading out this evening, as this isn't really something I want to wear to a party - it's much more of a daytime scent, I think.
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What Works:
As a general rule it has been noted (by myself and others) that given a general range of perfumes, if it doesn’t smell good on me, it will on either jenmarie or blissfish - and vice versa. The neat thing about this is that if we wind up with something that one of us doesn’t care for, it’s a near certainty that one of the others will like it. J
In general, florals tend to blend very well with my skin chemistry. This surprises me somewhat, but I’m pleased with it. It does give me a very good place to start from however.
So, the last few weeks worth of experiences – compiled and largely from memory and links (provided) as it’s been a long few weeks. ;)
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Trying to decide what to wear this evening, so I'm testing BPAL's Scherezade on my left wrist and Narcisse Noir by Caron on my right.

First take on Scherezade.... I'm a little headshop, yes I am (sung to the tune of I'm a little teapot)! Not bad, but definitely a headshop.

First take on Narcisse Noir.... Grandma's soap, and HOW. Kind of makes my sinuses hurt.

About 45 min or so later......

As Scherezade dries down, it loses some of that headshop quality and becomes something I could easily wear OFTEN. Reminds me of the way Book People used to smell. Very comforting... I like this a lot. Not as sexy as I was expecting it to be with the spices and musk, but better for that, I think. This goes to the top of my so-far-short BPAL list of bottle wants.

Narcisse Noir, on the other hand (er, wrist), has been mostly eaten by my skin. At least it isn't making my head hurt anymore. It's still there, a little, and what is there is all complex tease. I can pick up the civet under the florals and it's making for a very nice shifting oriental scent. I don't know that I'll be adding this one to any sort of permanent collection, but I can definitely appreciate that it's a well-done fragrance. I'll likely re-test again on a larger skin area before solidifying my opinion of it on me.

I'm thinking of washing the Narcisse Noir off my right wrist and trying something else. Talisman? Or Muscs Koublaï Khän? Or another BPAL? Or????
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I TOTALLY am into this community. :) Thank you guys for thinking of it.

Well, my allergies and the migraine have gotten to the point where I cannot wear traditional perfumes (atmoizer or sprays). But being the smell whore that I am, I couldn't just go with nothing and 'soap and deodorant' was NOT going to be my signature scent. :)

One of my very best friends turned me on to the oil blends from
Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab.

She gave me several imps of different scents to try out. (imp = small sample tube, for those that do not know) I fell in love with Queen Mab and it has become my daily scent that I wear most often. I have a 10ml bottle that I got probably 6 or 7 months ago (maybe more) and it isn't even half way gone. Because these are blends of 'pure' and essential oils, very little goes a looooong way.

I also like this company because they produce blends from inspiration. Just cruising the site and reading the descriptions of the different blends can be intoxicating in and of itself.

I will share with you some of the blends I have tried...

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