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Talisman - Perfume Addicts and Stinky Aficionados
Hide your credit card and come on in...
I know I haven't tested/posted in a while, but I was gathering some scents to contribute to a Flipside project today and decided that I was getting lax in my stinky-love.

So, I tested Talisman.

First impression - very cologne-y. Like something you'd find on a drugstore counter and not particularly pleasant.

About 15 minutes later - Not too bad, but not really my style. Something smooth underneath (the beeswax?) holding together a decent floral with some sweet fruit accents. A little bit of nutmeg maybe in there with some vanilla. This is definitely a feminine fragrance and I think probably a good summer/spring scent if you like the type.

I've read that the lasting power is LONG with this one, so I guess I'll be smelling like it for a while, especially as my decant kind of spilled all over my right arm.

I'll definitely have to grab another shower before heading out this evening, as this isn't really something I want to wear to a party - it's much more of a daytime scent, I think.
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